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Writings about information security, cryptography, software, and humanity, from a member of the furry fandom.

Fuzzball Storytime

Fuzzball Storytime – “The Fandom”: A Blast From the Past

Moonraiser from Fuzzballstorytime.com published a review of the documentary film made by Ash Coyote called “The Fandom”. One thing I like most about this film is its representation of the LGBT community. It is a community that has faced many challenges over the years, but with the help of the furry fandom LGBT members have […]

Soa Talks (Latest Posts)

How and Why America Was Hit So Hard By COVID-19

As America prepares for record-breaking infection statistics on a daily basis, many of us are looking at other countries safely reopening and wondering, “Why can’t we have nice things?” Of course, everyone has their favorite target to blame for this catastrophe. Democrats blame Republicans. Republicans blame Democrats. I’m not interested in blame. Regardless of who […]

On Death and Subculture

This year (2020) has brought a lot of death. Friends, neighbors, coworkers, family members, and even some of the strangers you saw every day in your commute to work but never even stopped to learn their name. Of course, people dying isn’t exactly news. People in all of those groups have died all the time, […]

Resolving The Reoccurring Discourse on Furry Twitter

While the furry fandom can be a wonderful place and a force for good in the world, the topics that tend to circulate on Furry Twitter are somewhat seasonal: They repeat every so often–usually sparked by someone saying or doing something shitty–and never actually lead to a productive result. Let’s look at a few of […]