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Amazing Furry Animators on YouTube

Being a furry is like: Every once in a while, you’ll stumble across an enormous contingent of the furry fandom that you were entirely unaware of for years.

Sure, you’d expect artists to be furry, but when you’ve run down the checklist of possible hobbies or professions to the point that furry doctors, furry lawyers, and even furry cryptography engineers don’t phase you, you might think you’ve seen it all. (And hopefully at that point you’re wise enough to never underestimate furries.)

But then Blamo! You discover more furries doing amazing things in a totally unfamiliar space. And they demonstrate such skill and talent that you’re left pondering how you hadn’t encountered them in the intervening years since you first discovered furries.

To wit:

The above YouTube video is a “multi-animator project” (MAP), hosted by wingedwolf94, and contributed to by two dozen animators in total, with the loose requirement that each contribution use a color palette loosely based on the anime BNA: Brand New Animal by Studio Trigger (but with each animator’s fursona or character).

There are two things that really stick out from this fantastic work:

  1. The diversity of the art styles and animation techniques.
  2. How well it fits together and fits up to the song–not just in terms of being sync’d up, but also thematically.

Since this was the work of so many talented animators, I thought I’d take a look at each of the people who contributed to this animation and share some of their other work.

Furry Animators Involved In The Awesome MAP









Fyrtrix Tizi

Pastel Flurry




Crowned Corvid




Kiki Can


Red Dragon



Riko Sakari


Apparently I’ve been living under a proverbial rock for the past several years, since some of these animators have hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers, but a lot of the artists that contributed to the top video are severely underrated.

Additionally, there are undoubtedly lots of animators that are also deserving of your attention that didn’t contribute to this particular video. They deserve a fair shake too.

Header art: Background is a collage of two YouTube thumbnails from wingedwolf94‘s channel. Bottom-left Twitch emote made by Swizz. Bottom-right Telegram sticker made by Khia.

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