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Opinionated Guides by Vega Deftwing

Vega of Opinionated Guides (OpGuides for short) recently asked to interview me for their website hosted on Github Pages. You can read the interview here if that strikes your fancy.

Opinionated Guides is a quite excellent learning resource for various topics ranging from engineering to art, music, and philosophy.

One thing I really like about their Engineering Guide is that the first section is literally about community:

The only way to be successful in this journey is to make friends along the way. Some of this gets really, really difficult. You will get stuck. Having friends to help makes it possible. Find group chats on telegram, join IRC channels, get on some forums, and ask questions on Reddit. Working with people is a lot more fun and you’ll learn so much more.

Their website can be found here: Opinionated Guides.

By Soatok

Security engineer with a fursona. Ask me about dholes or Diffie-Hellman!

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