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World Dhole Day 2021

Join us on May 28 for World Dhole Day in support of the Dhole Conservation Fund.

The Dhole Conservation Fund decided to make the 28th of May this year the first annual World Dhole Day (because it’s normally Whistling Day, and dholes are whistling dogs).

1st Annual World Dhole Day (May 28, 2021)
Image provided by the Dhole Conservation Fund

I’ve had a couple fursonas since I joined the furry fandom, but it’s always been a dhole.

It turns out, I’m not the only furry with a dhole fursona, either!

Soatok grins happily
Art by Khia

A bunch of us dhole furries are organizing events for the first annual World Dhole Day on May 28. (2021-05-28 for ISO 8601 enjoyers.)

Of course, all proceeds will go to the Dhole Conservation Fund. If you’d like to donate directly, click the image below:

Donate to the Dhole Conservation Fund. (Image is loading or broken.)

If you’d like to participate in the planning discussion, hit me up on Telegram and I’ll get you added to the group. (I’m loathe to link it directly here, lest it attract an assload of spammers.)

Soatok's fursona whistling happily
Art by Khia

Dholes are rare enough in the furry fandom. Let’s make them less endangered in the animal kingdom.

By Soatok

Security engineer with a fursona. Ask me about dholes or Diffie-Hellman!

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