What’s This All About?

Hiya, my name is Soatok!

I’m a member of the furry fandom. My fursona is a dhole (Cuon Alpinus). You can learn more about my fursona here. My pronouns are he / him.

You can find me on Twitter (@SoatokDhole) and sometimes on Twitch (soatok).

What’s the Point of this Blog?

I work on a lot of projects. Some of them are on Github. Most of them are intended to benefit the communities I’m a part of (Furry, LGBTQIA+, Streamer, Software Developer, Indie Game Development, etc.).

However, not everything that catches my attention or imagination results in the creation of software. And sometimes I just don’t feel like writing Markdown.

Thus, a blog!

Why Does Being [x] Matter?

Variants of this question include, “Why does being a furry matter?”, “Why does being gay matter?”, “Why does being a JavaScript developer matter?” etc.

The context it’s asked in is usually, “Who cares about [aspect of identity], shouldn’t your blog be about [technical content divorced of humanity]?!”

There’s two parts to the answer to every question in this genre.

First, it’s my blog, I do what I want with it. 😛

Second, representation matters.

People who feel nervous being open and authentic about who they are (especially junior developers) will feel even more pressure to remain hidden (to their own detriment) if no one is relatable to them.

So, I promise, I’m not being loud about my identity or interests to spite you. I’m doing it to comfort people like me. And that distinction matters.

Besides, furry art is cute and improves everything! (From my sticker pack created by Khia.)

If you want to see even more art of Soatok, check out this page.

How Can I Contact You?

Art by Kyume.