Dhole Moments, Soa Talks, and Other Bad Puns…

How to Remove Twitter Spaces

How to Remove Twitter Spaces

How to get rid of the Twitter feature nobody asked for, that takes up the top part of your screen, and nobody can dismiss.

Understanding HKDF

HKDF has poorly-understood subtleties. Let’s explore them in detail.

Furry Porn Against NFTs: A Call to Forearms

In A Furry’s Guide to Cryptocurrency, I briefly mentioned that NFTs are a dumb idea and not a valid reason for anyone–but especially furries–to get involved with cryptocurrency. The legitimate reasons for furries to consider cryptocurrency are to protect porn artists and sex workers from the overreach of the conservative finance sector. To bank the […]

Programmers Don’t Understand Hash Functions

Programmers don’t understand hash functions, and I can demonstrate this to most of the people that will read this with a single observation: When you saw the words “hash function” in the title, you might have assumed this was going to be a blog post about password storage. (Passwords are the most common knee-jerk reaction […]


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