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Furry Amino Sucks at Art Attribution

Over the weekend, I decided to make an account on Furry Amino. My reasoning at the time was, “A lot of furries lurk there, I should see what it’s about.” That was a bad move that I’d like to discourage others from making. What’s Furry Amino? Furry Amino is a furry-centric community on the Amino […]

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A Balanced Response to Allen Gwinn

Responding to “Our cybersecurity ‘industry best practices’ keep allowing breaches”

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Twitter’s Birdwatch is Fundamentally Flawed

The fatal flaw of Birdwatch’s current design and how it can be fixed.

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Putting Scammers on Scan on Twitter

Earlier tonight, someone decided to change their Twitter handle and display name to impersonate a furry and solicit money to the scammer’s PayPal account. This is the same kind of lazy technique that script kiddies use to phish people for passwords, but more targeted. The goal is to dupe someone into sending the scammer money […]

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Deplatforming Hate and Harassment

How to more effectively report abuse to social media companies like Twitter.

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A Canned Response to My Viral Tweet

This is a bit different from my usual blog post, insofar as I don’t have much of a point except that I’m tired of repeating myself. The other day, I was frustrated about Pinterest clogging up the Google Image Search results and tweeted a really simple and well-known life-hack to counteract their search engine manipulation. […]