Cryptography Technology

How To Learn Cryptography as a Programmer

A question I get asked frequently is, “How did you learn cryptography?” I could certainly tell everyone my history as a self-taught programmer who discovered cryptography when, after my website for my indie game projects kept getting hacked, I was introduced to cryptographic hash functions… but I suspect the question folks want answered is, “How […]

Furry Fandom Technology

Furward Momentum – Introduction

I probably don’t need to remind anyone reading this while it’s fresh about the current state of affairs in the world, but for the future readers looking back on this time, let me set the stage a bit. The Situation Today (By “Today”, I mean early May 2020, when I started writing this series.) In […]

Furry Fandom Online Privacy

How to De-Anonymize Scam/Knock-off Sites Hiding Behind CloudFlare

Furry Twitter is currently abuzz about a new site selling knock-off fursuits and illegally using photos from the owners of the actual fursuits without permission. Understandably, the photographers and fursuiters whose work was ripped off by this website are upset and would like to exercise their legal recourse (i.e. DMCA takedown emails) of the scam […]


Fraudulent Apps on the Google Play Store: COVID-19 Contact Tracing Edition

Cryptographers around the world are still designing privacy-preserving contact tracing systems for combating the spread of COVID-19. Even though some papers have been published (one using zero-knowledge proofs, another based on blockchain (sigh)), the ink is still very wet. The first framework designed by Apple and Google needs work but was surprisingly not god-awful. That […]

Humor Software Security

Why Server-Side Input Validation Matters

Update (2020-04-29): Twitter has fixed their oversight. Anyone who set their custom gender to a long volume of text, should still have it set to a long volume of text. The original article follows after the separator. I was recently made aware of a change to Twitter, which exposes a new Gender field. If you’ve […]

Software Security

“Source Code Leak” is Effectively Meaningless to Endpoint Security

There are two news stories today. Unfortunately, some people have difficulty uncoupling the two. The Team Fortress 2 Source Code has been leaked. Hackers discovered a Remote Code Execution exploit. The second point is something to be concerned about. RCE is game over. The existence of an unpatched RCE vulnerability, with public exploits, is sufficient […]