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The server for is hosted at Read on to learn how I discovered this.

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Going Bark: A Furry’s Guide to End-to-End Encryption

Governments are back on their anti-encryption bullshit again. Between the U.S. Senate’s “EARN IT” Act, the E.U.’s slew of anti-encryption proposals, and Australia’s new anti-encryption law, it’s become clear that the authoritarians in office view online privacy as a threat to their existence. Normally, when the governments increase their anti-privacy sabre-rattling, technologists start talking more […]

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A Brief Introduction to Deniability

Earlier this week, security researcher Ryan Castellucci published a blog post with a somewhat provocative title: DKIM: Show Your Privates. After reading the ensuing discussions on Hacker News and Reddit about their DKIM post, it seems clear that the importance of deniability in online communications seems to have been broadly overlooked. Security Goals, Summarized When […]

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How to De-Anonymize Scam/Knock-off Sites Hiding Behind CloudFlare

Update (2021-01-09): There’s a newer blog post that covers different CloudFlare deanonymization techniques (with a real world case study). Furry Twitter is currently abuzz about a new site selling knock-off fursuits and illegally using photos from the owners of the actual fursuits without permission. Understandably, the photographers and fursuiters whose work was ripped off by […]