Furward Momentum – Starting a Technology Company

Furward Momentum (Introduction)

  1. Building Your Support Network and/or Team
  2. Mapping the Technology Landscape
  3. Learning the Fundamental Skills
  4. Choosing Your Path
  5. Starting and Growing an Open Source Project
  6. Building Your C.V.
  7. Getting Your First Tech Job
  8. Starting a Technology Company
  9. Career Growth and Paying It Forward

Starting a technology company is a difficult undertaking, but if you chose this path, you probably already knew that.

Don’t call me Captain Obvious! Art by Skai.

Which advice you should be following for starting any business is inherently unknowable, since survivor bias is very pronounced in business. But it’s even worse for a technology company, since that’s a rather broad category.

Every businessperson has their own opinions about what kind of business you should start (LLC vs S-Corp vs C-Corp), where you should incorporate it (your home state, Delaware, etc.), whether or not to get a business loan or venture capital funding, and so on.

If you’re serious about starting a technology company, you should take the time to research all of the options available to you and draw your own road-map.

My best friend started his first technology company five years ago, and if I had to distill his advice to me over the years into one sentence, it would be: Integrity is worth more than money; never sell out, because you can’t buy yourself back.

With that in mind, I have collected some information over the years from successful serial business owners. Most of this is worth reading:

If you’ve followed the previous sections of this series, and even follow 10% of the advice given by the articles I’ve just linked above, you have a damn good chance of succeeding in this industry.

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