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An assortment of topics that don’t quite deserve their own dedicated blog post.

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Dead Ends in Cryptanalysis #2: Timing Side-Channels

Previously on Dead Ends in Cryptanalysis, we talked about length-extension attacks and precisely why modern hash functions like SHA-3 and BLAKE2 aren’t susceptible. The art and science of side-channel cryptanalysis is one of the subjects I’m deeply fascinated by, and it’s something you’ll hear me yap about a lot on this blog in the future. […]

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Soatok’s Guide to Side-Channel Attacks

If you’re ever tasked with implementing a cryptography feature–whether a high-level protocol or a low-level primitive–you will have to take special care to ensure you’re not leaking secret information through side-channels. The descriptions of algorithms you learn in a classroom or textbook are not sufficient for real-world use. (Yes, that means your toy RSA implementation […]

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Learning from LadderLeak: Is ECDSA Broken?

A paper was published on the IACR’s ePrint archive yesterday, titled LadderLeak: Breaking ECDSA With Less Than One Bit of Nonce Leakage. The ensuing discussion on /r/crypto led to several interesting questions that I thought would be worth capturing and answering in detail. What’s Significant About the LadderLeak Paper? This is best summarized by Table […]


A Furry’s Guide to Digital Signature Algorithms

Let’s talk about digital signature algorithms. Digital signature algorithms are one of the coolest ideas to come out of asymmetric (a.k.a. public-key) cryptography, but they’re so simple and straightforward that most cryptography nerds don’t spend a lot of time thinking about them. Even though you are more likely to run into a digital signature as […]