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EduTech Spyware is Still Spyware: Proctorio Edition

Spyware written for educational institutions to flex their muscles of control over students and their families when learning from their home computer is still, categorically, spyware. Depending on your persuasion, the previous sentence sounds like either needless pedantry, or it reads like tautology. But we need to be clear on our terms. Educational spyware is […]


Hedged Signatures with Libsodium using Dhole

In 2017, cryptography researchers from Kudelski Security demonstrated practical fault attacks against EdDSA (specifically Ed25519; RFC 8032). Their techniques are also applicable to Deterministic ECDSA (RFC 6979), and potentially work against any deterministic signature scheme (n.b. the Fiat-Shamir or Schnorr distinction isn’t meaningful in this context). Although that might seem alarming, fault attacks aren’t especially […]