Badness Society The Furry Fandom

Was the Buffalo Shooter A Furry?

Obviously, no, he wasn’t. But facts aren’t likely to change the minds of people who are already motivated to hate furries.

Society The Furry Fandom

The Dark Truth About the “Furry Protocol”

Do public schools really have a secret “furry protocol” to allow K-12 students that identify as cats to use litter boxes in restrooms? No.

(Anti-)Social Media

Twitter’s Birdwatch is Fundamentally Flawed

The fatal flaw of Birdwatch’s current design and how it can be fixed.

Software Security

“Source Code Leak” is Effectively Meaningless to Endpoint Security

There are two news stories today. Unfortunately, some people have difficulty uncoupling the two. The Team Fortress 2 Source Code has been leaked. Hackers discovered a Remote Code Execution exploit. The second point is something to be concerned about. RCE is game over. The existence of an unpatched RCE vulnerability, with public exploits, is sufficient […]