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A Greymuzzle’s Lament

On Puriteens, Furries, and the future of the LGBTQIA+ Community

Society The Furry Fandom

On the (In)security of Social Media Callouts

If your first instinct upon reading the title of this blog post was the Ctrl+F for the words “SJW”, “woke”, or “cancel culture”, you’re already assuming incorrectly about this post and the author’s positions. If “please don’t do that” is asking too much, maybe sit this one out? We like to think we live in […]

(Anti-)Social Media Society

Don’t Dunk the Gunk

How to Avoid Accidentally Amplifying Assholes on Twitter

(Anti-)Social Media Technology

Twitter’s Birdwatch is Fundamentally Flawed

The fatal flaw of Birdwatch’s current design and how it can be fixed.

(Anti-)Social Media Cybercrime

Putting Scammers on Scan on Twitter

Earlier tonight, someone decided to change their Twitter handle and display name to impersonate a furry and solicit money to the scammer’s PayPal account. This is the same kind of lazy technique that script kiddies use to phish people for passwords, but more targeted. The goal is to dupe someone into sending the scammer money […]

(Anti-)Social Media

Deplatforming Hate and Harassment

How to more effectively report abuse to social media companies like Twitter.

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Resolving The Reoccurring Discourse on Furry Twitter

While the furry fandom can be a wonderful place and a force for good in the world, the topics that tend to circulate on Furry Twitter are somewhat seasonal: They repeat every so often–usually sparked by someone saying or doing something shitty–and never actually lead to a productive result. Let’s look at a few of […]