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Don’t Dunk the Gunk

How to Avoid Accidentally Amplifying Assholes on Twitter

(Anti-)Social Media Badness The Furry Fandom

Furry Amino Sucks at Art Attribution

Over the weekend, I decided to make an account on Furry Amino. My reasoning at the time was, “A lot of furries lurk there, I should see what it’s about.” That was a bad move that I’d like to discourage others from making. What’s Furry Amino? Furry Amino is a furry-centric community on the Amino […]

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No Gates, No Keepers

The technology industry is hurt at every level by toxic gatekeeping.

Badness Cryptography Software Security Vulnerability

On The Toxicity of Zed A. Shaw

Boycott Zed Shaw’s writing. (With bonus zero-days in his work.)

Bullshit Society

No, You’re Not a “Sigma Male”

“Sigma Male” is just the latest trend in pick-up artist/involuntary celibate/anti-feminist grifting.

What Your Favorite Video Game Genre Says About Your Moral Character

My friends play a lot of video games, and I sometimes join them, but more often I just observe. And over the years of observing, I’ve noticed a few things worth sharing. Every video game is somewhat different and the lines can sometimes be a bit blurry, but with a few exceptions, the concept of […]