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Cryptographic Agility and Superior Alternatives

Cryptographic agility is a vaguely defined property, but is commonly understood to mean, “Able to quickly swap between cryptographic primitives in response to new attacks.” Wikipedia defines cryptographic agility as: Cryptographic agility is a practice paradigm in designing information security protocols and standards in a way so that they can support multiple cryptographic primitives and […]

Software Security Vulnerability

When Soatok Used Bugcrowd

and Got Banned for Doing the Right Thing

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Threema: Three Strikes, You’re Out

Threema boldly claims to be more secure than Signal. Does this hold up to scrutiny?

Cryptography Vulnerability

Timing Attack on SQL Queries Through Password Reset

Just to assuage any panic, let me state this up front. If you’re reading this blog post wondering if your account is at risk, good news: I didn’t publish it until after the vulnerability was mitigated, so you’re safe. You don’t need to change your passwords or anything. This write-up is purely for education […]

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On The Toxicity of Zed A. Shaw

Boycott Zed Shaw’s writing. (With bonus zero-days in his work.)